Early Childhood Development (ECD) and primary education

In promoting of children rights to education and their protection, SADA is supporting children in its own institution (Neeves School), by providing very subsidized school fees. The school’s staff comprise of qualified teachers from the play group class to the upper primary classes. Besides the curriculum based activities children are engaged in extra curriculum activities ranging from Psychosocial Support (including counseling, play and art therapy) and also have access to computer lab; where they are continually kept abreast with the dynamic world of informational technology, something not experienced in most slum environments.

Due to high number of households having orphaned children and highly vulnerable children, SADA will continue appealing for funds for its sponsorship projects that will address educational needs of children from such households. SADA also plans to expand the school’s capacity, to be able to hold more pupils especially from Mathare slums, with the aim of providing quality education.