Vision, Mission and Values

A dignified and fulfilled life for the poor.


We support poor and vulnerable households especially those in informal settlements and rural communities, promoting their rights and empowering them to be self-reliant.

Value for people

Our work is driven by our values which includes;

Value for people

We are driven by immense love, empathy and compassion for people, and desire to see everyone living a dignified, respectable and fulfilled life.


While working against poverty and injustice, we actively engage all our stakeholders and especially our beneficiaries in the planning, implementation and evaluation of interventions, in the process of achieving our projects intended outcomes.


We act with responsibility and are accountable to our beneficiaries (people we serve), donors and other stakeholders whom we work with. We further strive to work in honesty and transparency.


We endeavor to develop innate human capacity, while promoting self-autonomy and sustainable solutions which are people driven.

Building partnerships

We seek to work on and build effective partnerships for sustainable development.

Working with Integrity

In promoting ethical and professional culture, we value honesty and respect within and with all our stakeholders.